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Referral Program

Referral Program

I have a valuable service that is important to share with others and believe you do, too. 

Together, we are here to serve passion driven women who want to be more impactful and effective in their lives through their service in family, business and community. We are a community of healers, coaches, consultants, speakers, trainers, and practitioners. I love: referrals, to say thank you, be generous, and be of service.  If you are a current or former participant in one of my programs you are invited to join my Referral Partner Program. Your friends will thank you and so will I…many times.

By our partnering, you’ll create a passive income stream that will earn you a little, or a lot of, residual income. Commissions are 10% on every workshop, summit, or advanced program I offer exclusively.  As well, your referral will receive 10% discount on each event.
I love referral partners. You’ll get custom links and discount codes, and everyone who signs up for a program will be identified who they were referred by. Commission checks come in all sizes and always rock! and, there is no cost in becoming a referral partner.  


Commissions are paid out by check or via VENMO at the end of each event your referral has participated. 

Any questions? Let’s connect:

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