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Coaching is designed to do a deep dive into a pain and transform it into a strength by untangling the emotional/spiritual connection to your hurt, honing your intuitive skills to find its root, then create solid steps to solve it.  This also deepens your alignment to your integrity and purpose.


Single sessions were created to focus on a specific challenge.  We'll untangle this challenge into spiritual/emotional/analytical sections then formulate simple, manageable steps to execute your solution.



Dip your toe into the world of Psychic, Intuition, Channeling, Energy Clearings, and Rituals to open your spiritual genius and make better sense of your interactions with self and others.


A half day of 1:1 time to dive deeply into exploring and expanding your intuitive skills. The setting will be at a place and time comfortable for you.


About Cinthia


I help women of color build and strengthen their leadership skills to increase their impact on their families, businesses and communities. By helping them hone their intuitive skills and weave them with their practical experience, cultural make-up and ancestral traits and traditions, my clients become more aligned and expressive of their authentic selves.  The unique fabric my client creates holds her as she changes careers, begins and levels up her business.  She gains autonomy while guiding her family, and inspires her community to move into compassionate action.


It's been an honor seeing my clients move with confidence into roles that align with their soul's purpose.  I love hearing how they accept their successes with grace and their challenges with honesty, compassion and commitment to transform them into strengths.  It's my continued passion to walk alongside these women as they navigate their paths with intuition -- trusting their inner guidance system is always aligned with their purpose.


With gratitude,


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BadAss Space for Healing

Wherever two or more healers create a sacred space is a BadAss Space for Healing.  B.A.S.H., located in Oakland, CA holds space for readings, healings, rituals, energy and body work. Contact Cinthia for a specific list of services and its corresponding expert to make an appointment.

A Spiritual Day Spa

Mon - Fri: 9am - 8pm

Sat: 10am - 6pm

Sun: 10am - 6pm

Maria Cortes
Bringing Out Your Inner BadAss Retreat, 2019

"I want to acknowledge what a great teacher we had, Cinthia, who guided us to believe in ourselves and love ourselves, because I feel like I am walking away loving myself.  She's just an amazing person."


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Oakland, CA 94608


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